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Rebrand +  UX/UI + App Design


Tapplock is the next generation smart lock that we've all been waiting for! Funded on Indiegogo, it's the world's first fingerprint activated padlock, which includes smartphone app connectivity. Tapplock allows the user to manage their locks from anywhere, and choose when to grant access to trusted individuals. 




Thick line weight, geometric shapes, and blue hues, represent security. The thinner, lighter lines provide good contrast while suggesting the delicate nature of fingerprints. Below is an animation that would serve as the primary way the logo appears in digital formats.



Type & Colors

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Assorted blues and greys, paired with white, evoke a sense of safety as well as emphasize the presence of innovative technology. Helvetica Rounded Bold matches the line thickness in the logo perfectly. Montserrat and Raleway combine well and serve as sleek and contrasting for use on multiple platforms.


Icon Set


These icons, for use on the app and website, use the same line weight and colors as the logo and contain simple line art to depict their functions.


Stationery & Tickets




Tapplock App


The Tapplock app allows users to manage each of their Tapplock devices, check the remaining battery life,
identify current location, and view recent history of use. The user can also manage who can access each of their locks, granting and revoking access with the push of a button. This app is a vital part of the overall user
experience for the product.

  • By tapping the lock on the screen, you can remotely open the corresponding lock with fingerprint recognition.
  • In the miniature nav, you can quickly manage users who have access to your Tapplock devices, manage the battery life and battery saving options, as well as check the location of your Tapplock to ensure that it's right where you left it. 
  • In the 'Prints' section, you can add and manage users who can lock and unlock your Tapplock decices. 
  • You can register new Tapplock devices as well as manage registered locks in the 'Locks' section. The 'History' section allows you to see who has accessed your Tapplock devices and when.