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Rebrand + Packaging + App Design


Sprouts is a  grocery store that offers many options when it comes to natural, organic, and gluten-free foods. While sprouts is doing an excellent job in terms of bringing healthy foods to people's homes, they were (and still are) in need of rebranding. The company is due for a more contemporary look that preserves their friendly and inviting aesthetic.  


Sprouts' current logo and storefront

Redesigned Trademark


The current serif typeface makes the trademark of Sprouts feel a bit outdated, and doesn't speak to the company’s personality and their mission. The only element that suggests that they sell fresh and organic foods is the color green; this isn’t enough. The updated logo uses a clean, bold sans-serif typeface. It subtly changes the 'T' to a sprouting plant, while placing the subtext in a shape that references potted plants.


Icon System, Colors & Type


Since the trademark appears white by default, this brand introduces colors that correlate with each of the departments in the store. The departments also each have an icon that references these colors and helps the customers navigate the store – more easily identifying products and services.


Uniform & Identification


The ID badges have been redesigned to represent their given departments. Currently every employee has the same type of badge, which isn't helpful to customers who need help in a specific department.


The current uniforms were a little redundant, consisting of a Sprouts logo on the badge and an another logo, right under it, on the shirt. The uniform shirt colors were also a very dull green, which made employes hard to identify, and were not conducive to creating a happy, friendly atmosphere. In the redesign, the logo was removed from the front of the shirt, and prominently placed on the back for easy identification. A brighter, more noticeable green was chosen for the shirts.




Below are a few examples of product packaging within Sprouts' generic brand. Here, the same department colors are used so that the products not only have a nice pop of color, but they are easily recognizable among all of the options available.


Shopping Bags

Sprout's Vitamin Assistant App


The Vitamin Assistant app is only for employee use in the vitamin department. A vitamin consultant can research information regarding the thousands of vitamins and supplements carried by Sprouts. It is intended to replace a system that requires the employee to leave the customer in order to search for information on a stationary computer regarding their questions and concerns.


    The app improves upon the existing system by:

    • allowing the information to be accessed anywhere, even at home for studying
    • syncing to the store's inventory, so that the employee always knows if the product in question is on the shelves
    • syncing to the store's layout, so that new employees can easily locate the products and seasoned employees can locate items that may have recently been relocated, which leads to happier customers