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Luminesce is the concept for a branded art exhibition, featuring the modern lighting designs of Lindsay Adelman. The brand reflects the artist’s work in terms of its materials as well as its simplicity and intrigue.




The intention of the logo was to depict the personality and uniqueness of Adelman’s lighting designs. After a bit of trial and error, it was clear that the solution was to take inspiration directly from her work.


Type & Colors


The color palette consists of an array of yellows and browns that reference her consistent use of copper, while reflecting the presence and importance of light in her work. The typefaces chosen further emphasize the sleekness of her work.




The ad campaign would all be relatively simple in terms of presentation, and focus on photographs of the actual works. The bold yellow catches the eye, and references the focus on light. The copper pairs well with the metal in the work itself.




Touchpoints include some wearable merchandise, a box of collectible postcards, and the exhibition catalog -- which features all of the work on display. The approach behind the catalogue was to avoid over-designing it, while maintaining an emphasis on the quality and intrigue of the work.