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Blackboard Brewery

Branding + Package Design


Blackboard Brewing Company is a concept for a start up brewery that was founded and based out of an old, abandoned school building. The idea behind the brand was to incorporate the feel and nostalgia of primary school, while making sure that the brand doesn’t read as something meant for minors, which would be completely inappropriate. 


Preliminary Sketches


After collecting research and forming moodboards, ideation began with sketches of beer and school related imagery, and some combinations of the two. Next came a number of thumbnails, some of which were taken to the next level, but were ultimately omitted. At this stage, the name of the company was Schoolhouse Brewery, but once refined, the name changed to Blackboard.




After trying a number of more obvious solutions, the final brand became a chalk drawing, referencing an actual blackboard with its rectangular shape and white lines. The frequently used textures come from both a chalky blackboard, and a cork texture, which go right along with the school aesthetic.


Type & Colors

Art Assets


Keeping in line with the style of the logo, the illustration style remains chalk inspired with its white lines on black. In digital formats, they would constantly waver, as the logo does in the motion graphic at the top of the page.


Stationery & Business Cards

Product/Package Design


The can designs have a relatively simple approach, focusing on the pop of color, as well as the humor
incorporated in the names of the flavors. Teacher’s Pet (Apple Ale), the Troublemaker (Wood Aged IPA), and
the Exchange Student (Czech Pilsner), are all tongue-in-cheek jokes based on school archetypes, and the
other flavors would follow the same logic. Keeping in line with the scholastic theme, the cans each have beer
facts hidden on the bottom.


The Graduate Pack is a 12 pack that contains 4 cans of each of the flagship brews. It ties their colors together with chalk-like  illustrations that represent each of the flavors. 


Merchandise and Signage